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Baked chicken in Tomatoe sauce

Baked chicken in Tomatoe sauce



   Serves 4


• Chicken • Onion • Green pepper • Habanero pepper (Ata Rodo) • Salt • Maggi (chicken cubes) • Vegetable or Olive oil • Curry • Thyme • Nutmeg • Fresh Tomatoes


1. Wash your chicken very well & season with salt, allow to bake for 30 mins. 2. Dice your tomatoes, pepper, onions, green pepper and set aside. 3. Place a clean and dry pan on your cooler, add your vegetable or olive oil allow to heat for a minute or two minutes. 4. Add your diced onion, tomatoes & pepper, allow to simmer for 3 mins after which you add your curry, thyme, nutmeg, a pinch of salt and Maggi cubes. 5. Allow to simmer for 2 mins then turn off your cooker. Check your baked chicken in the oven. 6. Mix your baked chicken with the tomato sauce carefully and plate accordingly. 7. Sauce is ready! This dish can be served for lunch and dinner with rice or yam.