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Spiced Peppered chicken

Spiced Peppered chicken



   Serves 6


? 1.2kg chicken ? 2 tatashe peppers (Big pepper) ? 1-2 Scotch bonnet peppers or habanero peppers ? 2 onions ? 1 cooking spoon vegetable oil ? 6 small stock cubes ? 1 tablespoon thyme ? Salt (to taste)


1. When the chicken has marinated for 20 Minutes, place in a pot, pour some water and start cooking. I add water because I use a pressure cooker. If using a normal pot, just start cooking and by the time it starts to boil, water will seep out from the chicken. 2. When the chicken is done, take them out and grill/broil in the oven at 180?C (350F) till golden all over. If you are preparing another meal on the same day (say Nigerian Jollof Rice), use the chicken stock (water from cooking the chicken), to prepare it. If you are just preparing Peppered Chicken to serve with a chilled drink, put the chicken stock in your freezer, chicken stock always comes in handy when you are preparing another meal. 3. Pour the vegetable oil in a dry pot and heat it up. 4. Add the pepper blend and start frying on low to medium heat till all the water dries up. 5. Add the grilled/broiled peppered chicken and stir very well with a spatula till the popping red peppers have coated every inch of the chicken. Add salt at any time if necessary. 6. That's it!