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Nigeria Chicken Suya

Nigeria Chicken Suya



   Serves 6


? Chicken breast or any other part ? Suya Pepper (Suya Spice) ? Groundnut or Peanut Oil ? Salt ? Skewers or sticks


1. Make some suya pepper if you do not have it. 2. Cut the chicken breast into fillets. rs at the meat market where I live usually do this for me or use a sharp knife and try your best. 3. Cut the fillets into manageable suya sizes.I do not follow those cuts always, I look at each fillet and decide how to cut it. 4. Thread the fillets of chicken on the suya sticks .Putting the beef on sticks is optional so you can actually skip this step but it's not Nigerian Chicken Suya if it's not on a stick. 5. Put some vegetable oil in a bowl, add a small quantity of salt and stir. Using a cooking brush, rub the vegetable oil on the threaded fillets of chicken. This is what helps the suya spice stick to the chicken so make sure you rub the oil on every part of the chicken fillets. 6. Spread the suya spice in a wide dish and dab the threaded fillets of chicken in the spice so that all parts of the chicken is covered with the suya spice. 7. Place the sticks of spiced chicken fillets in a flat plate and cover with a thick plastic film or aluminium foil. 8. Place in the fridge to marinate for at least 1 hour. I even leave this overnight depending on when I want it. For instance if you have a party the next day, you can do all the threading and dabbing the night before and place in the fridge till the next day. 9. When you are ready to grill, set your oven to Grill/Broil and 200?C (400F) to preheat 10. Place the chicken fillets on the oven rack making sure that the ears of the suya lie flat on the rack. 11. Grill/Broil in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes making sure that both sides of the chicken suya are grilled evenly. So you grill the top side for about 10 minutes, turn them upside down and grill the bottom side for 10 minutes and keep turning them around till done. 12. Towards the end, you can rub more vegetable oil on the fillets of chicken suya, this is so that they are moist rather than dry.