About FreshMART


FreshMART is an online ordering channel for the sales Fresh/healthy,no artificial preservatives, iced chicken and chicken parts. The Chicken are directly sourced from Shonga farm holdings, Kwara State.

Presently, we are into Chicken and Chicken parts with delivery within Ilorin Metropolis.

FreshMART is powered by Harmony Holdings limited.

At FreshMART, we sell and deliver chicken and chicken parts to individuals, restaurants, Food joints, Chicken/Giggards joint, hotels etc

We deliver your order to your door-step in Ilorin metropolis, within three (3) hours of your order

  1. FreshMART Chicken is fresh/healthy with NO artificial preservatives
  2. FreshMART Chicken is fat free
  3. FreshMART Chicken is been raised under a good atmospheric conditions with well experience and endowed farmers (they are not fed with steroids that makes them big
  4. Delivery is free and prompt, thereby saving transport fare, remove stress of moving around and saves time